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Trusted, fast, and low cost, this service gets you patent pending status in Canada in the easiest manner possible.

Prior to submitting the application, ATMAC will check your application for the correct formatting but will not review the merits of the invention or the technical subject matter. You are responsible for the adequacy of the description, claims, and figures. This service is perfect for:

  • Entering the PCT national stage in Canada
  • Filing a foreign patent application in Canada

Simply fill out the below form, make payment, and ATMAC will submit your application to CIPO within two (2) business days.

This is a guaranteed service - if ATMAC cannot get your application submitted within two (2) business days after payment is received from you, regardless of the reason, we will give you an immediate refund.

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Small entity determination

Many of the government fees charged by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) are reduced by one half for applicants that qualify as a small entity. In Canada, the small entity requirements require the applicant to be an entity that employs fifty (50) or fewer employees or that is a university.

Small entity status in Canada is determined only once – at the time the Canadian patent regime is engaged. This will either be on the filing date for an application filed directly with CIPO, or on the national entry date for a PCT application entering the national phase in Canada. Once small entity status is properly established, the application and any patent issued therefrom remains entitled to small entity discounts for its entire life regardless of any changes in entity size of the original applicant or assignments to new owners.

Section 3.01 of the Canadian Patent Rules sets forth the requirements to pay fees at the “small entity level” as follows:

An applicant may pay fees at the small entity level in respect of an application or patent if:

  • on the date when the requirements for national entry into Canada are complied with (or on the filing date of the Canadian application for an application other than a PCT national phase application), the applicant is a small entity in respect of the invention.
  • “Small entity”, in respect of an invention, means an entity that employs 50 or fewer employees or that is a university, but does not include an entity that:
    1. is controlled directly or indirectly by an entity, other than a university, that employs more than 50 employees; or
    2. has transferred or licensed or has an obligation, other than a contingent obligation, to transfer or license any right in the invention to an entity, other than a university, that employs more than 50 employees.

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Request for examination

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will only examine a patent application in Canada in response to a specific request for examination. The examination fee is payable upon request, and the request can be deferred up to five (5) years from the Canadian application’s filing date.

Do you want to request examination at time of filing?

If you have one or more executed assignment documents from the inventors to the patent applicant, recording the assignment document(s) at the time of filing is recommended to make sure the transfer of rights is recognized by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). There is a $100 CAD gov't fee for registering each assignment document. If you need to register more than one assignment document, please include the total number of assignments to register within the "Other comments" box at the bottom of this form.

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After receiving your submission, ATMAC will calculate the government fees required for filing the application and will provide you with an official quotation showing the total costs.

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