PCT national stage entry into Canada

ATMAC Nov 13 2014

National entry into Canada is usually done by 30 months from the earliest priority date, but it is possible to enter the national stage in Canada up to 42 months from the earliest priority date with payment of a reinstatement of rights fee and a statement that the failure was unintentional.

For applications with a PCT filing date before Oct. 30, 2019, late national entry up to 42 months can be done as of right and there is no statement required that the failure was unintentional.

See the other requirements for national entry into Canada.

To calculate the price for a national phase application into Canada, ATMAC needs the following items:

  1. PCT application details (preferably provide a copy of the cover page)
  2. Whether the applicant qualifies as a small entity in Canada
  3. Whether the applicant wants to request examination at time of national entry (requesting examination can be delayed up to four years from the international filing date but this will result in an equivalent delay in examination of the application)
  4. Assignment document to register at time of filing (if any)

Upon receipt of the PCT application details and the applicant entity size, ATMAC will review the complete requirements for your situation and estimate costs before proceeding.


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