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Direct in-bound applications to Canada

ATMAC Nov 13 2014

Direct in-bound applications to Canada

If you have a completed foreign application drafted in English (or already translated to English), ATMAC only charges a nominal fee to to file it for you into Canada. To receive an estimate of the total price, please provide the following items:

  1. Inventor details (legal name and address for each inventor)
  2. Applicant details (legal name and address of applicant, if different than the inventor(s))
  3. Whether the applicant qualifies as a small entity in Canada
  4. Whether the applicant wants to request examination at time of filing (requesting examination can be delayed up to five years from the filing date but this will result in an equivalent delay in examination of the application)
  5. Priority details (country of filing, application number, and filing date for each priority document)
  6. Specification
  7. Claims
  8. Figures
  9. Abstract (150 words or less)
  10. Assignment document to register at time of filing (if any)
  11. Confirmation that the invention was not made available to the public more than one (1) year ago

Upon receipt of the above items, ATMAC will review the complete requirements for your situation and estimate the costs before proceeding.

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