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ATMAC Employment Opportunities

  • Patent Specialist – Electrical / Computer


    Patent Specialist – Electrical / Computer

    Staring salary range: $50-60k / year

    Are you a registered patent agent, experienced trainee or even just a really motivated individual with a strong technical background? Can you ask the right questions to get inventors talking about the technical differences of their systems rather than the business advantages? Are you able to take informal verbal description and turn it into specific, detailed, and accurate written documentation? Are you methodical, details focused, and hard working to produce measurable results? Do you love creating and building value?


    If you answered yes to the above questions, we’d love to talk to you. ATMAC is a boutique patent firm focused on helping people build the value of useful inventions – including drafting and prosecuting new patent applications for our inventor clients, and also providing utility patent litigation support to our law firm clients. This is a superb opportunity with lots of growth potential for the right person.


    Responsibilities include:

    • Drafting new Canadian, United States and PCT patent applications
    • Preparing responses to Office action rejections
    • Reviewing all types of patent related correspondence and forms
    • Researching prior art and preparing validity and infringement opinions
    • Tracking deadlines and maintaining patent files
    • Building and maintaining successful client relationships
    • Improving and documenting firm’s internal work flow and processes


    Minimum qualifications:

    • Degree/Diploma in electrical, computer or related discipline engineering
    • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    • Strong written and oral communication skills with the ability to structure information clearly, concisely and logically
    • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team


    Preferred additional qualifications:

    • Patent Agent registration at both CIPO and the USPTO
    • Strong technical work experience prior to entering field of intellectual property



    Andrew MacMillan



  • Sales / Marketing Person


    Posted: Jan 2, 2019

    Salary: Base $35k + sales commission


    Bring in new clients for ATMAC by being an active and caring and honest advocate on our behalf. You’ll need to learn the patenting process and raise awareness of how patents can increase value for companies. Attend networking events, meet new people, identify new opportunities, host lunch and learns, and go to coffee meetups. Explain patent options for prospective clients and show how patents can strengthen their business plans. Manage the new client intake process including helping clients to provide the information the patent team will need to evaluate and discuss the desired work. Maintain client relationships and collect feedback on how we are doing after work is done.

    Big goal

    • Increase the firm’s revenue from new client work for next year by a factor of five in comparison from last fiscal year. (approx. increase from $100k to $500k)

    Ongoing tasks

    • Organize and staff booth on behalf of ATMAC for at least six events per year
    • Attend at least two evening or weekend networking events per month on behalf of ATMAC
    • Set up and attend at least two coffee meetups per month
    • Organize and host a lunch and learn event each month
    • Prepare and publish each month: newsletter, website resource article, social media posting
    • Reply to emails, clarity session from requests, contact form requests, voice mails, social media
    • Answer phone, return calls, give out basic patent info, follow-up with new opportunities
    • Help prospective clients fill out invention disclosure forms
    • Prepare cost estimates and send to new opportunities
    • Collect feedback from clients