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Andrew T. MacMillan

Are you looking for a patent contractor in Calgary?

I am an experienced Patent Agent in Calgary specializing in computer and electronics related inventions. With a BASc in Computer Engineering from Simon Fraser University, over eleven years of patent experience, and having drafted and prosecuted hundreds applications that have gone on to issue as patents in both the United States and Canada, I believe I can help you build a patent portfolio. Please feel free to review my bio and email me to get my full résumé including sample patents.

Calgary entrepreneurs

In my experience, any company that has an R&D department with software and/or hardware developers doing product development is likely in possession of patentable ideas, even if the company as a whole or the developers individually are not directly aware. Adding in the fact that high tech industries move so quickly (much room for future growth and invention) only adds to my confidence that there are patenting possibilities at most high technology companies. From start-up entrepreneurs to industry leaders, obtaining solid patent protection is a must.

For the past eleven-plus years, I have helped local and overseas high tech companies build patent portfolios.

Patent startup

In 2010, a local Calgary company decided to take their business to the next level and hired me as their first patent manager. I established their patent program, canvassed developers for new inventions, held brainstorming sessions, and drafted and prosecuted over eighty US and Canadian patent applications. I also handled multiple applications acquired in an asset purchase. In less than five years, I took the company from having no patent portfolio to having close to one hundred issued patents and pending applications with coverage in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Australia.

Now is your chance

With the recent establishment of ATMAC Patent Services Ltd. in March 2014, I am now looking to find another local Calgary company that has a long term goal of building a patent portfolio. I believe I can leverage my solid experience in portfolio creation to provide extreme value to future clients.

If you are interested, I would be happy to come in for an interview or have a phone consultation to go over patent creation and the patenting process in general, and to brainstorm specific ideas that may be patentable related to your products. I can also provide information such as expected costs for a patent program along with examples of how a robust patent portfolio will add significant value to your company.

Please feel free to call me at (403) 473-0596 or via e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew T. MacMillan
ATMAC Patent Services Ltd.
Phone: (403) 473-0596