If you’re ready to discuss your specific invention and patenting options with a professional, we recommend doing a Patent Clarity Session as the first step. The Patent Clarity Session is a one-hour, confidential consultation with Andrew MacMillan, the patent agent and founder of ATMAC.

The $500 clarity session will provide:

  • An actionable understanding of your patent options
  • Guidance regarding how to best protect your invention
  • An outline of the patenting strategy which will best suit your needs

Please note that not all applications will be approved for the clarity session; however, all requests will be reviewed and feedback given.

Upon approval for the Patent Clarity Session, a confidentiality agreement and invention disclosure form will be emailed to you along with advance payment request and scheduling options.

Answer the below questions to get started.

Not sure if you're ready for a clarity session? Call us to find out.

Apply for a patent clarity session

Your Invention
  • Have you done research to see if someone else has already invented your product/idea?*

    If not, consider searching Google’s worldwide patent database, and the European worldwide patent database. Be sure to document your findings.

    If your invention is exactly the same as something already disclosed by someone else, we do not recommend proceeding. You cannot get a patent on something already invented and disclosed by another person.

  • What technical field(s) is your invention related to?*

    Select all that apply.

  • Are there any specific companies or type(s) of companies that you must ensure are not already ATMAC clients before you disclose confidential details about your invention?*

    We need to know this to avoid any misunderstandings or potential conflicts of interest.

  • Without disclosing any confidential details, please provide a one-sentence description of your invention.*

    (e.g.: “A physical tool that’s used by gardeners” or “A mobile phone app and system that helps people find lost items”).

  • Do you have any major questions/concerns related to the patent process?

* indicates required.

“What I liked best was Andrew’s willingness to educate me about the differences between Canadian and U.S. practice. I also appreciated his flexibility, honesty, and attention to detail.”

— Alan Flum, Stone Creek Services LLC