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ATMAC patent services are provided by ATMAC Patent Services Ltd., which is a boutique patent firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The small and personalized nature of ATMAC patent services directly benefits you by ensuring consistency and accuracy – your instructions are both received and carried out by the same person.

ATMAC patent services are billed under a fixed-price model where you know the full cost upfront. There are no extra charges for after-the-fact items such as forwarding filing receipts and other correspondence to you from the patent Office.

ATMAC patent services are catered to the need of clients for a straightforward, highly reliable patent filing solution for Canada and the United States. Of particular benefit to small businesses, foreign patent professionals and in-house corporate patent managers, ATMAC patent services include drafting, filing and prosecuting new applications in Canada and the United States, and filing and prosecuting PCT national phase applications in Canada. Fields of speciality include computer software, entertainment systems, communications, analog and digital circuitry, electronics, and mobile applications.

ATMAC patent services are also well suited to foreign patent practitioners and in-house patent managers who need to file multiple patent applications in Canada. You can handle as much of the drafting as you like and ATMAC Patent Services Ltd. will provide tips and mentorship when needed along with filing the submission with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).

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Andrew T. MacMillan

Andrew T. MacMillan
Patent Agent

ATMAC Patent Services Ltd.

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