About us

Founded in 2014, we bolster and protect the value of your inventions and designs.

Weaponize your ideas

Usually high tech companies start off focused on innovation and serving customers. If they think of patents at all, they view them as a complicated and expensive luxuries. Then something happens. It could be watching their ideas get stolen. It could be being on the receiving end of an infringement letter. Or it could just be constant worry.

ATMAC exists to give business owners peace of mind. To smoothly guide them through the patent process. To give them options they wouldn't have otherwise. To give them valuable weapons - both defensive and offensive, ready to use when needed.

Meet your patent agent

Andrew MacMillan is a registered patent agent and founder of ATMAC Patent Services.

Prior to his patent days, Andrew was in Silicon Valley designing telecom controller boards. When the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, he did a backpacking trip to Asia and ended up working in a patent firm in Taipei. He stayed with the firm for six years securing US patents for world-leading Taiwanese technology companies. He then came back to Canada and was the in-house patent manager at a Calgary technology company for five years before founding ATMAC.

Highly knowledgeable in Canadian and United States patent law with significant experience in patent prosecution and litigation support roles in both these countries, Andrew has 18+ years of experience assisting individual inventors, small and medium sized business, and multinational companies obtaining patent protection for their products.

I've seen first hand how much stronger companies become when they invest in patents. I love patents because they let the underdog stand up for themselves. The little guy against the big guy. The real innovator against the copycat. I founded ATMAC to replicate these successes for more companies.
- Andrew MacMillan

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